Art of Food - 2003


Below: Scenes from the 7th Annual Art of Food Culinary Competition held on Sept 20th, 2003.

The 7th Annual Art of Food was held on September 20, 2003.  Top winner was Bill Justus (above right) of Hershey Lodge and Convention Centre.  People's Choice winners were Autumn Miles and Diane Way of Creative Quisine.  Other winners were Cher Conley of HACC's Culinary Dept.; Cassandra Burke of the Harrisburg Hilton and Towers; Andrew Krauss of Dickinson College; Ryan Clay of The Red Door; and Ann-Marie Wilson of the Hilton.  Judges for the culinary competition were Charlie Gipe, Executive Chef of Giant Center; Amber Sunday of The Kitchen Shoppe; and Jim Lupia, Culinary Arts Instuctor at Cumberland Perry AVTS.




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